Gain Skills for Success at Home or in the Workplace

Students in our English Program take an additional 1 hour Enrichment Class each day. In these classes, students explore different topics in English and learn new vocabulary and expressions used in everyday life while also gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to earn their citizenship, succeed in the workforce, and improve their well-being and that of their families.

CITIZENSHIP - Learn the information, application process, and English interview skills necessary to pass the U.S. Citizenship test.
Requirement: Students enrolled in this class must have 4 years and 9 months of permanent residency and Level II English fluency.
HEALTH LITERACY - Learn about English vocabulary, topics, and issues related to health.
Topics may include: disease prevention, medical care, medical coverage, nutrition, fitness, oral hygene, and mental health.
FINANCIAL LITERACY - Learn about English vocabulary and topics related to money and banking.
Topics may include: budgeting and saving money, bank services, credit and loans, smart spending, and home ownership.
COMPUTER LITERACY - Learn about basic computer operations and online computing skills.
Topics may include: Typing, using the mouse, using windows, e-mail, word processing, and browsing the internet.
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It is so critical these days that non-native English speakers are given the opportunity to learn not only the language associated with daily life of health, finances, and technology, and the workforce, but also the knowledge, skills, and cultural awareness necessary to succeed in those aspects of life.