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A Special Presentation by On the Road Lending
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A Special Presentation by On the Road Lending

On the Road Lending are a Dallas area non-profit that provide reliable vehicles to clients at affordable monthly payments, with rock-bottom interest rates. How do they do it? By ignoring credit rating and lending based on a stable work history and place of residence. They work with clients for several months to build financial capability and then arrange an affordable loan for a fuel-efficient, modern vehicle that is reliable and under warranty. 

If you are tired of your unreliable transportation causing you issues, or your car payments are through the roof due to high interest rates, you may be the perfect On the Road Lending client. 

Join us at Aberg Center for Literacy on Friday, Feb 1oth @ 9am for a special information session. Let On the Road help you overcome those transportation barriers so so you can get to work, lead a healthier life, and avoid predatory lending. 

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