OUR MISSION | Aberg Center for Literacy is building richer lives, stronger families, and better communities through programs in English fluency, preparation for high school equivalency in English and Spanish, early childhood education, and family literacy.


Adult students at Aberg Center attend daily classes in English as a Second Language and GED Preparation with the goal of preparing themselves and their families for success in the future. Here are descriptions of the programs offered by Aberg Center. 


Aberg Center for Literacy enrolls students in Intermediate through Advanced Level English classes. All classes are taught by an excellent team of volunteer instructors. Each day the first two hours of class are spent focusing on a different core skill of the English language: Reading, Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. During the third hour, students participate in a variety of additional classes where they are given the opportunity to improve their English while also increasing their literacy in key areas such as health, finance, and technology. 

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Native English speakers as well as ESL students who have reached proficiency level in English are encouraged to enroll in our high school equivalency preparation program. Students are placed in two groups and study as a class under the tutelage of qualified and committed volunteer instructors. Each day students study one or more of the four GED modules: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning through Language Arts. In addition, students take a GED Computer Preparation class to help them navigate the GED website, access online resources, and increase their computing and typing skills in preparation for the computer-based test. Throughout the semester, students are provided the opportunity to take the GED practice tests to help determine test readiness and define areas that need to be strengthened. 

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Oftentimes our students have not had the opportunity to continue on their educational journeys beyond the first years of elementary school in their native country and language. We have partnered with North Dallas Plaza Comunitaria to assess each student’s needs and place them on an appropriate educational path. Students who demonstrate capacity of secondary education begin with high school equivalency preparation in Spanish. Students who are not yet ready for secondary level begin in the Plaza Comunitaria program where they work on either an individual or small group basis to cover the exact material each one needs to be ready for secondary level classes. Students in the Plaza Comunitaria program can earn certification from the Mexican government for finishing elementary, middle and junior high school levels. 

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Students attending Aberg Center for Literacy classes may apply to enroll their children ages 3 months to 5 years old in our Early Childhood Program. Children are immersed in an English-only learning environment led by experienced caregivers. They receive top-notch care while learning the building blocks of English and developing their fine and gross motor skills. Children in the Early Childhood program routinely show marked improvement in English vocabulary, develop a love of reading, and learn key socialization skills that will help them as they enter Kindergarten and beyond. 

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Do you want to better understand Latin-American culture? Do you wish you could communicate more confidently with your Spanish speaking neighbors? Do you need to brush up on your Español for your upcoming trip abroad? Aberg Center's Spanish classes are the perfect way to improve your Spanish in a fun and supportive environment. Classes are taught by first-rate instructors, each of whom is an experienced university professor of Spanish. Best of all, proceeds from our Spanish classes go to fund Aberg Center's tuition free literacy programs. 

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