The Demand for Adult and Family Literacy Services in Dallas County is Overwhelming.

Among Dallas County adults, nearly 25% do not speak English fluently, and 21% are illiterate.The future is bleak for this large percentage of the population with a high likelihood of poverty, hunger, incarceration, homelessness and lower life expectancy. Children inherit these problems from their parents, and the cycle of poverty continues. More than 60% of children entering Kindergarten in DISD need remediation. Children from low-income families enter Kindergarten 12-14 months behind their higher-income peers.


A Multi-generational Approach to Literacy is Needed for Families to Thrive!

Children mimic their parents from birth, developing from imitated facial gestures into adopted behaviors and mindsets. For children who grow up in low-income families, this common interaction may be detrimental to their future success. Research has documented the impact of a parent’s education, economic stability, and overall health, on a child’s trajectory. At Aberg Center for Literacy, we believe working with parents and children as a unit, and both generations simultaneously, is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.