GED Testing Service Drops Written Response from Social Studies Module

As part of GED Testing Service's spring initiative to make passing the GED Test more attainable goal for those seeking high-school equivalency, GED Testing Service has officially removed the Written portion from the Social Studies module as of March 1st, while reducing the time allotted to complete that module to 75 minutes.

A good article on the changes implemented by GED Testing service, including the reduction of the Social Studies test, can be found HERE.

It should be noted that the Reasoning through Language Arts and Science modules still include a written response portion, so writing remains a crucial skill required to pass the exam. However, removing the written response from the Social Studies Module reduces its complexity, favoring students with high reading & comprehension skills. Students must now rely on their ability to analyze and compare multiple texts, graphs, charts, and maps to synergize information and data, and make relevant conclusions.