Dallas Public Library releases new GED Scholarship


Atmos Energy and the Dallas Public Library have teamed up on a new GED Scholarship for students seeking financial assistance to earn their High School Equivalency. 

The scholarship, which is awarded to worthy students who have proven both their need for financial assistance, and their readiness for the GED test. Interested students must fit the following conditions:

  • Currently or previously enrolled in a Dallas Public Library GED preparation class OR currently or previously enrolled in a community partner’s GED preparation class.
  • GED Ready in the subject or subjects you wish to test in based on practice test results and instructor verification.
  • Plan to take the tests at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library Atmos Energy GED Testing Center.
  • Submit a completed Dallas Public Library GED Test Scholarship Application and email it to literacy@dallaslibrary2.org.
  • Upon review and approval of your Dallas Public Library GED Test Scholarship Application, students will be notified and provided a test voucher number.
  • Please call 214-671-8291 if you have questions.

The GED can be expensive, especially for those students who may be unemployed or living paycheck-to-paycheck. The full GED® test costs $135. Each partial test costs $33.75. What's more, students may be forced to take a module more than once if they fail, potentially increasing the cost of the test.  Not to mention costs associated with study materials, travel to-and-from the study center, and the investment of hundreds of hours that could otherwise be spent working; when you add it all up, the GED can be a costly endeavor. This scholarship will go a long way to mitigate some of the costs associated with getting your high school equivalency.