Aberg Center for Literacy Receives $10,000 Grant from the Orix Foundation


On October 17, 2017, Aberg Center for Literacy was awarded the Orix Foundation Grant. This grant goes towards expanding family literacy programs and early childhood program staff.

Aberg Center for Literacy has made many strides this past year to expand its programs at the Casa Linda location in order to greatly increase the number of families served. However, further expansion is necessary to meet the growing needs of Dallas families.  The Orix Foundation grant will help get us that much closer to our goal of building richer lives, stronger families and better communities.

About the Orix Foundation

The Orix Foundation is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives.  The Orix Foundation wants children and families to succeed - in school, in the workforce, in life.

The company’s former CEO started a committee to investigate how the company could best contribute to charitable causes, and the ORIX Foundation was born in 2009. This is an employee-driven venture philanthropy that is focused on the communities where ORIX employees live and do business. The city of Dallas and the Dallas metropolitan area are at the heart of this grantmaking.

Through its charitable giving program, ORIX has awarded over $8.2 million to charities, specifically ones that promote the health, welfare, and education of children, families, military personnel and veterans. In a recent year it gave out at least $2.1 million in 18 grants to nonprofits. This is a good foundation to get in touch with for basic services like food, shelter and medical attention. It’s also a big supporter of local education. Grantmaking has been on the rise in recent years.

.For more information visit:  http://orixfoundation.org/

(Source: www.orixfoundation.org)