ORIX Foundation Grant Awarded to Aberg Center


October 11, 2018—Aberg Center is delighted to receive a $10,000 grant from the ORIX Foundation. For the third year in a row, the ORIX Foundation has awarded the Aberg Center for its continued dedication to promoting literacy among Dallas families.

Support from the ORIX Foundation will assist the Aberg Center is providing dual generation programs to more than 50 families through our family literacy and early childhood programs. This school year, Aberg Center will serve 450 students. With the help of the ORIX Foundation, we will provide quality education programs to empower families in the Dallas community.

About the ORIX Foundation

The company’s former CEO started a committee to investigate how the company could best contribute to charitable causes. In 2009, the ORIX Foundation was born. This is an employee-driven venture philanthropy that is focused on the communities where ORIX employees live and do business. The city of Dallas and the Dallas metropolitan area are at the heart of this grant making.

“We can share parallel experiences, yet never cross paths. Or, we can choose to reach out—to connect, to give, to serve. ORIX Foundation exists because the people of ORIX Corporation USA make that choice.”

-From the ORIX Foundation website

Last year, the ORIX Foundation invested nearly $4.5 million into surrounding communities and offered grant funding to 275 social sector organizations nationwide. We are grateful for the ORIX Foundation’s commitment to advancing education and strengthening our community.

For more information, visit orixfoundation.org