Board Officers

Board of Directors Officers Elected!

Last week Aberg Center announced our new Board of Directors and Advocacy Council members. This week, we have our new Board Officers! Elections happened last Wednesday, with 2 of the 4 positions welcoming new members, while the other happily stayed status quo. Congratulations to our officers!

Here are our 2016-2017 Officers:

President: Janet Schoenecker

Janet Schoenecker returns as Board President for a second consecutive term. A long-time board member and great supporter of Aberg Center services, we are excited to have her leadership and experience back again.

Vice President: Patricia Camargo Bowles

Patricia Camargo Bowles may be new to the board, but she is not new to Aberg Center. Mrs. Bowles has supported the organization previously as a volunteer and advocate. In 2016-2017 she is taking the plunge into deep water, serving as Vice President in her first term on the board.

maury purnell.jpg

Treasurer: Maury Purnell

Maury Purnell served on the Board of Directors in 2015-2016 and now steps up his involvement taking over as Treasurer. Mr. Purnell will use his extensive background in business development to help maintain the budget for the upcoming year.

Secretary: Ashley Shultz

Ashley Shultz returns for another team as Secretary. The long-time board member brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the organization to this key position.

We would like to thank exiting officers Mike Carter and Becky Clontz for their exceptional commitment to Aberg Center. Both are moving from the Board to our Advocacy Council where they will remain close to the organization.