Board of Directors

Welcome New Board Members!


A new fiscal year has begun at Aberg Center, which means we get the privilege to welcome our new Executive Board members! 

George Macatee
Helen Short
Jim Ruberto
Steve Sale

Each year, members of our Board of Directors volunteer hundreds of hours to ensure Aberg Center programs are successfully meeting the needs of our students and their families.

Thanks to all of our board members, past and present for their continued support of Aberg Center and literacy in North Texas. 

Board of Directors Officers Elected!

Last week Aberg Center announced our new Board of Directors and Advocacy Council members. This week, we have our new Board Officers! Elections happened last Wednesday, with 2 of the 4 positions welcoming new members, while the other happily stayed status quo. Congratulations to our officers!

Here are our 2016-2017 Officers:

President: Janet Schoenecker

Janet Schoenecker returns as Board President for a second consecutive term. A long-time board member and great supporter of Aberg Center services, we are excited to have her leadership and experience back again.

Vice President: Patricia Camargo Bowles

Patricia Camargo Bowles may be new to the board, but she is not new to Aberg Center. Mrs. Bowles has supported the organization previously as a volunteer and advocate. In 2016-2017 she is taking the plunge into deep water, serving as Vice President in her first term on the board.

maury purnell.jpg

Treasurer: Maury Purnell

Maury Purnell served on the Board of Directors in 2015-2016 and now steps up his involvement taking over as Treasurer. Mr. Purnell will use his extensive background in business development to help maintain the budget for the upcoming year.

Secretary: Ashley Shultz

Ashley Shultz returns for another team as Secretary. The long-time board member brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the organization to this key position.

We would like to thank exiting officers Mike Carter and Becky Clontz for their exceptional commitment to Aberg Center. Both are moving from the Board to our Advocacy Council where they will remain close to the organization.

New Board of Directors and Advocate Council Announced!

Aberg Center for Literacy would like to formally thank our newly minted Board of Directors and Advocacy Council for 2016-2017.

The Board of Directors works hard behind the scenes to steer Aberg Center, make key decisions, maintain organization's budget, plan events, and raise funds.

The Advocacy Council are ambassadors of Aberg Center, who go the extra mile to spread the word about the organizations programs and services and raise funds four our cause.

Without these two crucial, but often overlooked groups of volunteer supporters Aberg Center would not be able to achieve our goals year-in, year-out. 

For those Board and Advocacy Council members who bid adieu; Peter Aberg, Becky Clontz, Mike Carter and Kiley McGuire; we thank you greatly for your service and are excited to have you all in new roles on the Advocacy Council! 

To those new members of the Board; Andrew Aberg, Patricia Camargo Bowles, Jorge Correa, Elizabeth Kastiel, Monica Ramirez, Kim Simithroaaratchy, and Rachael Singer, welcome to the SPEAK|WRITE|CONNECT family! 

Finally, for our returning board members, we greatly appreciate your continued service, and look forward to your leadership and support again this year!

Here are the new Board of Directors & Advocacy Councils for 2016-2017

Board of Directors

Andrew Aberg
Patricia Camargo Bowles
Erreka Campbell
Jorge Correa
Elizabeth Kastiel
Maury Purnell
Monica Ramirez
Doug Reed
Steve Sale
Janet Schoenecker
Ashley Shultz
Kim Simithraaratchy
Rachael Singer
Evan Stone

Advocacy Council

Peter Aberg
Mary Beecherl
Rita Brooks
Cathy B. Saxon
Mary Carter
Mike Carter
Becky Clontz
Catherine Cuellar
Holly Greef
Mignon Jones
Candace Krause
Jim Krause
Chris McDanald
Michael Moroney
Kiley McGuire
David O'Hara
Jennifer Kinney Parnell
Ann Parrish
Betty Rosenthal
Milo Segner
MaryBeth Shapiro
Candy Slocum
Elizabeth Turner

Our Officers for 2016-2017 will be announced shortly.