Hispanic 100

Aberg Center Receives the Hispanic 100 Grant for 2018


July 9, 2018 - Aberg Center is the proud recipient of the Hispanic 100 Grant. The $2,000.00 grant will go to fund Aberg Center's Family Literacy and Early Childhood Program for the upcoming year. 

From the Hispanic 100 website:

The Hispanic 100 is an organization of trailblazing Latina leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose contributions have shaped, influenced and transformed how Latinas are viewed in business, education, arts, health, politics and community leadership.  

The Hispanic 100's mission is to serve as champion for Hispanic women in North Texas. Their fund is established to enable non-profits and charities that  "empower, educate and support Latinas and our community".

Aberg Center for Literacy served over 250 adults in 2017, the majority of which identified as Latina. As such, a grant like the Hispanic 100's Advised Fund allows Aberg Center to better provide programs for those women and their families through its innovative approach to multi-generational literacy.