Aberg Center Receives IME BECAS Grant

Aberg Center student Maria Torres accepts the check from the Mexican Consolate's IME BECAS program.

Aberg Center student Maria Torres accepts the check from the Mexican Consolate's IME BECAS program.


On May 30th, Aberg Center for Literacy was honored to receive a grant from the IME BECAS program at the Mexican Consulate of Dallas. The program provides vital funding to local organizations that serve Mexicans in America and those of Mexican descent with programs that enrich and empower through learning. 

From the IME BECAS website: 

IME Scholarships is a program of the Government of Mexico that seeks to expand the educational opportunities of Mexicans abroad who seek to pursue basic, university or technological education. With the IME Scholarship Program, the Government of Mexico seeks to facilitate the academic and professional development of Mexicans in the United States, with the purpose of integrating and contributing better in the society where they live, as well as to link their knowledge to development. of their places of origin in Mexico.

Since 2005 IME BECAS has funded over 100 local educational programs. 2018 is the second time that IME BECAS has awarded Aberg Center with a grant. The $3,000 grant will go to support Aberg Center's Spanish Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, Spanish GED, and English Fluency classes, which are crucial to enabling Mexican immigrants the opportunity to raise their literacy level in Spanish and English, as well as attain their high school diploma in their native language. 

Aberg Center student Maria Torres was on hand to accept the grant check. Maria, a student in both Aberg Center's ESL and Spanish ABE programs, and a former Citizenship student, is a prime example of the type of student that IME BECAS is enabling. Through these programs, Maria is able to gain her citizenship, earn her high school diploma, and increase her English fluency, greatly improving her life and the life of her family here in the United States. 

IME BECAS Allows Students of Mexican Origins to Flourish

The Spanish GED class studies four times a week to earn their High School diploma in Spanish.

The Spanish GED class studies four times a week to earn their High School diploma in Spanish.


Each year the Mexican Consulate of Dallas distributes grants to organizations specializing in services to the Mexican community here in North Texas. The program, titled IME BECAS, provides key funding to our adult literacy programs, in particular our Spanish Adult Basic Education program (ABE), Spanish GED programs, and English Fluency classes. 

Many Mexican immigrants arrive in the United States without a high school education. This, coupled with low fluency in English and lack of understanding of the culture, make finding gainful employment difficult for many. The Mexican consulate's Plaza Comunitaria program, adopted by Aberg Center for Literacy in the Fall of 2015, allows students without a primary school or secondary school education to earn that in their native language. The Spanish GED program, long a staple at Aberg Center, remains a crucial option for students seeking a high school diploma but lacking the fluency or confidence to take the test in English.

The Spanish ABE program also helps students who want to learn English but have a low literacy level in their native language. A student who is illiterate in Spanish is unlikely to have the base skills necessary to successfully learn English and generally struggle to improve. In these cases, students are encouraged to enter the Spanish ABE program prior to entrance into English Fluency classes. Once a student has adequately raised their literacy level in their own language they are able to enroll in English classes with the confidence and basic skills necessary to succeed. 

Together, these programs, supported by IME BECAS, provide a vital piece of the literacy puzzle that English programs fail to adequately address. 

The Mexican Consulate of Dallas and AVANCE-Dallas Award Aberg Center for Literacy 2016 IME BECAS Grant

On Wednesday, May 5th The Mexican Consulate of Dallas (el Consulado General de México en Dallas) and AVANCE-Dallas teamed up to award their 2016 IME BECAS scholarships. 

This year the IME BECAS scholarship pool doubled from the previous year, with 15 organizations awarded the grant of $10,000. This year,  Aberg Center for Literacy was lucky enough to be one of those awardees!


Aberg Center for Literacy Director Shana Harrison was on hand to accept the scholarship from one of the generous corporate sponsors.

From the AVANCE-Dallas website: 

The IME Becas Scholarship Program funds Adult education programs including financial support for Mexican or Mexican origin adult students to enroll in basic literacy programs, Elementary and Junior High, GED preparation courses, computer skills classes or English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, occupational training and job skills certification; and Higher education programs including financial support for outstanding Mexican or Mexican origin students living in the United States and pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
is made possible through the generous support of the North Texas community.  

Univision were also on hand to record the festivities, which included a number of speeches from key leaders of the Hispanic community in North Dallas. 

The event also marked the final for Octavio Tripp as Mexican Consul to Dallas. Mr. Tripp, a great advocate for education during his time as Consul, has been promoted to a new position.

We would like to thank Mr. Tripp, the Mexican Consulate of Dallas, AVANCE-Dallas, and all of the wonderful sponsors for this great gift and hope to use it to carry out their vision!