Score Change

GED Testing Service Lowers Passing Score

Since the release of the updated GED test in 2014, educators and students have struggled to compensate for the sizable leap in complexity and difficulty. GED Testing service vowed to make their graduates more "college ready". However, a recent study by GED Testing Service concluded that the test was deemed too competitiveAs a result GED Testing Service has lowered the minimum passing score for each module of the GED from 150 to 145 effective immediately.

Even better, the change has been made retroactive to January 1st, 2014, meaning that thousands of Texans who would have otherwise have been left studying now can proudly say that they are GED Graduates.  

For more information here is the official information page from GED Testing Service. 

Here is a look at the breakdown of the different scoring categories of GED following the change.