Hablas español? Now You Can!

Do you want to better understand Latin-American culture? Do you wish you could communicate more confidently with your Spanish speaking neighbors? Do you need to brush up on your español for your upcoming trip abroad? Aberg Center's Spanish classes are the perfect way to improve your Spanish in a fun and supportive environment. Classes are taught by first-rate instructors; each of whom is an experienced university Spanish professor. Best of all, proceeds from our Spanish classes go to fund Aberg Center's tuition free programs. 

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  • Class Times: Monday evenings, 6:00-7:20 p.m. / 7:30-8:50 p.m.
  • Location: St. Matthew's Cathedral (5100 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX)
  • Semesters: The year is divided into three Sessions.
  • Weeks: Each session is 12 weeks long.
  • Cost: Students pay $200 per session and are responsible for purchasing their own textbook
  • Proceeds go to support Aberg Center for Literacy tuition-free programs!
  • By Internet: CLICK HERE to register for the upcoming session
  • By Phone: Call 214.826.6501 ext. 105
  • Next Registration Period:  August 8-September 5

Summer 2018: April 30th - July 23rd
Fall 2018:  September 10-December 3

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”I have been taking Spanish classes at Aberg Center for two years and I have recognized significant improvements in my command and understanding of the language. Best of all, the classes are lively and fun!”
Below is a list of the Spanish Classes offered for our Summer Semester.  Offerings for the Summer Session will be posted March 26th.

Beginning Spanish II (Mondays @ 6:00pm)
Have you already had some Spanish and eager to learn more? This is the perfect class for those beginners who know their basics.
We will begin with a review of the material covered in Beginning I, including basic greetings, asking and answering basic questions, present tense verbs, and vocabulary pertaining to family, home and clothing. Following the review, the course will focus on stem-changing and reflexive verbs, vocabulary pertaining to weather, fun & games, transportation and household items. The exact material covered will be based on the needs of the students in the course. This is a fun and dynamic class with a relaxed atmosphere and lots of student interaction. We welcome those continuing from Beginning I as well as new members who have had some previous exposure to Spanish.
Textbook: Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish

Beginning Spanish III (Mondays @ 7:30pm)
Do you want to continue learning Spanish? In this course, you will learn to express yourself in more advanced ways and will begin having simple conversations.
New vocabulary words will help you express yourself more effectively. We will cover chapters 24 through 36 in the Basic Spanish book and get our toes wet with the Easy Spanish Reader.
Textbooks: Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish

Beginnner IV (Mondays @ 7:30pm)
Are you a beginner that is ready for the next step? Let's review basic concepts with a focus on communication!
This class provides an opportunity to enhance acquisition of the advanced structures. You will learn to talk about your daily routine, express your likes and dislikes with the verb Gustar, how to use the indirect object pronoun, learn the difference between “por” and “para” at the same time develop the basics skills of listening and speaking with oral readings. Textbooks: Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish

Intermediate Spanish IV (Mondays @ 7:30pm)
This lively and interactive course focuses on the acquisition of grammatical structures within a communicative context.
Each class will have a conversational topic that will be used as a springboard for vocabulary and grammar acquisition. The course will begin with a review of the past tenses (preterite & imperfect) and the basic uses of the present subjunctive (which were covered in Intermediate III), and will then focus on the past subjunctive, hypothetical sentences (conditional), and the future tense, while continuing to recycle previous grammatical structures and vocabulary. The goal will be to develop an ability to use these grammatical structures in real-life contexts. The course will also develop listening comprehension skills.
Textbook: Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar

Contemporary Literature and Conversation for Intermediate Students (Mondays @ 6:00pm)
In this class you will have fun while strengthening your reading, listening, and speaking skills in Spanish; broadening your vocabulary; and learning to apply grammar rules to meaningful and relevant contexts.
¡Leamos y hablemos! This course focuses on improving and solidifying Spanish skills through contemporary readings such as newspaper & magazine articles, songs, poems, and a modern Spanish novel. The course assumes a basic understanding of Spanish grammar. The class, which centers around a lively discussion of the assigned reading for the week, involves comprehension of the reading assignment, simple literary analysis, and practice with relevant grammar and vocabulary. Class is conducted in Spanish and involves a variety of activities including discussions, games, and paired activities.
Textbook: Spanish Verb Tenses: Premium Third Edition by Dorothy Richmond

Advanced Spanish Conversation (Mondays @ 6:00pm)
Are you an advanced Spanish speaker who wants to read stories, articles, and poems by contemporary Latin American authors? Then I bet you will love this class!
Have fun putting your Spanish grammar and vocabulary to use while exploring Latin American culture. Expand and improve your confidence with the Spanish language through guided discussions focusing on comprehension, communication, and pronunciation. In addition to conversation, augment your learning with short films, artices, and short stories to reinforce your understanding. Topics will be varied, highlighting different Latin American countries. Participants will need to have intermediate or advanced Spanish skills to best participate. ¡A charlar y conversar!
Textbook: Short Stories in Spanish (A Parrallel Text)

  • Aberg Center reserves the right to cancel classes with fewer than eight students enrolled.  
  • Aberg Center will only issue a refund if there are not enough students to make a class.
  • If an enrolled student drops the class, the student may request that the remaining portion of the payment be considered a donation.


Learn more about our Instructors

Hi. My name is Joy Saunders. I have many years of experience teaching Spanish, and I am really looking forward to teaching again at Aberg Center this session. Teaching has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember, starting when I was a child and tutored my classmates, friends and siblings. My background in Spanish includes a Masters degree in Spanish Literature, a Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), and a love of the Spanish language and cultures. I have taught at several local universities including UTA, TCU and the University of Dallas. I am currently teaching at SMU. My goal for this course is to challenge my students intellectually while providing a fun and supportive environment for learning some basic Spanish skills. ¡Hasta pronto!
¡Hola! I am Alba Carvajal. This is my third year teaching at Aberg Center, and I am looking forward to seeing many returning students and new faces too. I am the oldest of three siblings, a Colombian native and I attended the Universidad de Santo Tomás at Bogatá. From there I received and M.A. in Spanish at Texas A&M University. I live in Dallas and have taught Spanish at several local colleges. I began my teaching career at SMU. From there I proceeded to University of Dallas, and I am now teaching at Richland College and SMU’s Continuing Education. My classes are high energy and challenging, and we have a lot of fun. I look forward to welcoming you to class.
¿Qué tal? Soy Juan-Manuel Soto.  A native of Mexico City, I came to the U.S. as an international student.  My background is in Communication and Spanish language and literature. My academic work began in Mexico, but it took me to Chicago, Boston, and Barcelona, Spain.  I have worked at El Centro College for over 10 years, and I began teaching at the Aberg Center last year. My experience as a learner of English as a second language influenced my own approach to teaching Spanish: I learned better and more when I made connections and found practical uses of what I was learning.  So, in addition to the fun and high level of engagement that should happen in each class, I motivate my students to make connections with the language, among themselves, and with the local and global Spanish-speaking communities.   ¡Nos vemos!